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Musical Shape Shifters


Radiant Divide is a band fronted by singer/songwriter Veronica Rossi.  They have played countless shows and music festivals in Canada.  The band is currently getting ready for their Fall shows and looking forward playing Indie Week!  They also have new songs in the works which will be released soon!

In the Beginning

After playing several acoustic shows, Veronica decided that it was time to put a band together.   What was once an indie rock band, now includes elements of alternative and metal which can be heard on their self titled EP.  This combination of all three styles, coupled with guitar solo's reminiscent of Guns 'N' Roses, offers a unique listening experience! 

Looking to the Future


  We are currently working on two new singles and looking forward to playing Indie Week 2019!


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About Us

A mix of Indie, Alternative and Metal

Hooks and guitar solo's, basically lots of ear candy!

If you like to dance, we will get along just fine!